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ORIGINAL Oil Painting "Keep Fighting." Animal liberation art.


This is a very large ORIGINAL oil painting, semi-abstract.

I made this painting in 2005. I was inspired by stories I'd collected of farmed animals miraculously escaping their fate and being spared from slaughter. There's a double entendre here - it's also meant to cheer on activists who fight on animals' behalf. I haven't used this style in any other piece, so not only is it a rare size, it's a truly unique style for me.

Dimensions are 30" x 42". Canvas is on heavy-duty stretchers with a depth of 1 1/2", giving the piece a pretty slick look, even unframed.

*Please convo me to make an offer, or for a shipping quote outside of the US.

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ORIGINAL Oil Painting "Keep Fighting."  Animal liberation art.