Thank you for checking out my work.  

There was never a time I didn't love animals.  I was born with a certain sensitivity, even to the tiniest critters.  I wonder if that sensitivity is in the DNA of us "animal people."  At age fifteen, when I learned what happens to animals in factory farms, fur farms, laboratories and puppy mills, I found a purpose.  In high school, I started an animal rights club.  Then in college, took on the leadership of our campus group, and was involved in direct action, investigation and campaign work in the years during and after school.  

I began doing animal protection themed paintings as an art student at American University in 2000.  I had recently gone vegan and was inspired by Sue Coe and Kathe Kollwitz, two women who pushed the boundaries of activist art.  Years later, I still believe in the importance of message in art, as well as ethical eating and treading lightly. I recently graduated from the School of Visual Arts, with an MFA from the Illustration as Visual Essay program.

Some of the paintings on this site were done from photos I took inside factory farms.  Others were inspired by the brave investigations of others, to whom I'm very grateful.  I hope these artworks speak to you, and they spark discussion about the way animals are treated.  I hope they inspire you to rescue or take action in some way.  I hope they shine a light into animal industry and remind us that they are there, they're sentient, and they await a better world.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian.”
― Paul McCartney

I have two other sites you may be interested in:

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